Apostle Jammie Fortner a Handmaiden called and chosen by Almighty God, upon
    whom the hand of God rested at a very young age.

    Being inflicted with “Bright's” disease from the age of two, this incurable kidney disease
    and the healing which seemed totally impossible at that moment, was wrought through
    much prayer sacrificially…

    Apostle Jammie was also confronted with a tragic accident at the tender age of four,
    when her body was engulfed with flames of fire through a gasoline explosion… Once
    again God divinely intervened, and even though, medically it was advised that skin
    grafts were needed because of the intensity of the burns,  God over ruled the laws of
    science and miraculously healed her outward appearance. Being born into a
    generation of Pastors, she grew up in church and spent all her years in the ministry,
    which enabled divine growth and protection.

    Her “calling” at the age of eight years became quite evident as she began her music,
    vocal & youth ministry. During her early teenage years, the doors of opportunity began
    opening up to her as she became exposed to the fields of Evangelism accompanied by
    various traveling Evangelists across the country.

    During this season, unknowingly this young handmaiden was in her preparation period.
    With lessons learned; knowledge gained and valued experiences that will last a
    lifetime, each step lead her into her Divine Destiny. Marrying at the age of twenty, then
    having three lovely children, her and her husband began traveling frequently as Fields of
    Fire Ministries was birthed.

    In the year 1995, the opportunity of Pastorship presented itself to both her husband and
    her, through her grandmother Pastor Janie Hughes, the founder and former Pastor of
    Murrayville Holiness Church.

    At that time Living Waters Outreach was conceived. With this transition brought forth
    much growth numerically, financially and spiritually under their combined leadership
    and anointing.

    Through the commitment of the congregation and leadership they began to see the
    vision unfold. However, the enemy attacked and tragedy resulted but the church stayed
    strong amidst the adversity. Nine years later, in June 2003 Pastor Jammie Fortner
    assumed full responsibility and leadership for the striving assembly at the Living
    Waters Outreach .

    Amidst the good and bad, bitter and sweet, tears and joys, pain and laughter… the Lord
    remains to be so faithful, constant and true...And each step is this journey of faith, has
    been an experience with lessons learned.

    Apostle Jammie and the congregation have entered into another phase as the roots
    grow in even more fertile ground planted on a sure foundation, being watered by the

    Living Waters Outreach was left a legacy by a pioneer of faith, the Woman of God,
    whose mantle now rests upon Apostle Jammie to fulfill the commission to see lost
    souls being born into the kingdom.
Journey Toward Destiny
Apostle - Senior Pastor
  Jammie A. Fortner
5833 Bark Camp Road Murrayville, Ga. 30564
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