Leadership   at
Living Waters Outreach Inc.
Bro Brian has a compassion and love for those in
need. Not giving a hand-out but a Hand up... A
true helping Hand to the community.
  Jammie A. Fortner
Apostle Jammie, a multi-talented servant of the
Lord. Pastor,Prophetess,Evangelist and teacher,she
has a great passion for the church. She has been
described as a friend, servant, counselor. Her
Spiritual "Mandate" together with her
administrative abilities is a tremendous asset in
mobilizing and motivating the Journey toward
  Rhonda Lisa Self
Prophetess Rhonda was consecrated and affirmed
into the office of Prophetess and flows accurately,
precisely and fluently in the Prophetic.  In addition,
she is also Associate Pastor of  Healing Oasis
Ministries International. She travels the globe
preaching, teaching and manifesting the Gifts of the
Spirit.  Many signs follow her ministry.
Manna Life Outreach
Brian Ivy
A Team gifted, talented, anointed team of singers
and musicians called for this generation bringing
God's people to a new level of Praise and Worship.
Youth Director
Pastor has a great vision to see the youth of  our
Community, Nation, and World being transformed
by the power of Jesus Christ. To make an impact on
youth, to bring revelation, to set a platform for
young people to come and minister through the
word, music dance and drama.
Children's Director

Our Director also has a great vision to set fire to
this generation  To to see them grow in the call of
God and to win souls to Jesus Christ.
Praise and Worship