Great Works for a Great God...
5833 Bark Camp Road Murrayville, Ga. 30564
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Healing Oasis is a Ministry birthed out of pain and
turbulence.. This is a ministry of outreach for those who are
broken and wounded emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Our Vision's to provide healing, care and comfort to the
destitute and desolate.....Our Mandate is reaching the World,
with the Gospel bringing hope to a generation without hope...  
Demonstrating the Love of God through giving, meeting the
needs of the hungry, sick and homeless. Our heart's desire is
to  witness the Outpouring of God everywhere we go by being
a channel through which the Miracle and Healing Power of the
Almighty God would bring Deliverance, Restoration and
Renewal......Healing Oasis is destin for the Sole Purpose of
Changing lives, through Regeneration providing a purpose
driven vision to embrace their Destiny.
    Fresh Fire
Youth Outreach
We are Taking Back this Generation for the Kingdom of God...
We will not back up or back down, we are at full force, we
are marching for the Army of Jesus Christ.  
To God be the Glory
Leading Ladies
Women's Ministry
A stage set for developing youth to becoming a generation on
fire for the move of God. Carrying the Torch of God's Word
to the Nations.
   Spirit Vision
Christian Education
The Enlightening Word of God is brought forth under the
Vision of this church to propel families into the abundant
life set before them in the scriptures.
   Miracle and
Deliverance Service
Come experience the illuminating power of God's Word
brought forth through the manifestation of signs miracles and
   Youth Light
Children's Ministry
Discipleship training that sets a  platform for ministry
empowering each believer to fulfil the God Given destiny
for their life.
Every Third Month
Sunday 9:45 a.m.
Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday Discipleship
1st Sunday Night in the
Month       6:00 p.m.
Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
2nd Sunday of the
A ministry designed to reach the unchurched,expressing God's
love and compassion through the means of food, clothing,
counsel and spiritual guidence. Manna Life Outreach ministry
is our hand of Hope exstending through our churches
community and beyond. A hand up not a handout.
Cross Driven Youth     
Drama Ministry
We will reach them, teach them, and use them in Jesus
Mighty Name. We will set spiritual fire to this Generation.
This is a generation for God. They will be a sold out
Generation for the One and Only King of Kings and Lord of
Lords, and his name is Jesus Christ. We are raising up an
Army! We are ready for war. We declare vengeance on the
devil....we are taking back what is rightfully ours..
Manna Life Outreach
  Food Ministry
Men Empowered
  Men's Ministry
Reaching the lost and the hurting in the community.  Bringing
together a support group that embraces family life, being a
channel of God's love, mercy and compassion to this generation.
Leading Ladies also focuses on the imperative need for women
to take their rightful place and position in the critical times,
training and equipping women to rise up and serve in positions
of leadership, in missions, ministry, homes, churches,
communities and even societies.
1st Saturday of
the Month
Reaching the lost and the hurting in the community. Bringing
together a support group that embraces Godly headship in
family life. Discipling Men of God to take there Rightful
place in the Church and the family. Training and equipping
Men spiritually and sociable to serve in positions of
leadership, missions, ministry, homes, churches and building a
strong community.